What happens when the Band-Aid adhesive wears out?

This is a process, not a destination.


Within our core values, we define healing as "restoring balance, health, and harmony in your life."

Brokenness. Pain. Hurt. Wounds. Whether physical or emotional, there is a season for healing. And it looks different for everyone.

We can't heal what is hiding.

On October 10th, people around the globe acknowledged World Mental Health Day. In May, we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month. Mental Illness Awareness Week takes place every year during the first full week of October. Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month is during the month of July. The list goes on.

Awareness (another one of our core values) is on the rise, but where are we at with healing? As we learn more about our mental health, we should be learning more about who we are. So in short, bring on the awareness! We can't heal if we don't know what needs healing.

What are you healing from?

I know, what a loaded question. The answer could be healing from your past, the death of a loved one, rejection, racial trauma, or maybe the 2016 US election. In any case, you need to know in order to start the healing process. Let's call that step 1.

Step 2: Reflect and feel. Pay attention to your body. What happens when you think about what happened? If you need a feelings chart, find one. A simple google search will do.

And the final step: H E A L

...if it were that easy, I don't think we'd be in business.

  1. Healing isn't always pretty nor comfortable. Healing can be painful.

  2. We can't heal alone.

  3. This won't always be a 'case closed' situation. Negative feelings may resurface.

I have some news for you though. Healing is a process. You go at your pace, your way. Now beware- that could make or break you. We have to prioritize healthy healing practices and solid supports. Healing over time could look like seeking help, finding a new church, setting boundaries, daily mindfulness practices, forgiving someone, apologizing, or accepting the circumstances.

So ask yourself, is it time for you to heal?

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