Meet the Team

Our Story

MOCHA Therapy was founded in 2020 by Jaronda, Taronda, Elisa and Kathryn. We began a lifelong friendship and sisterhood in the 1990s.  Growing up in the inner city, our grandmothers played a pivotal role in our upbringing. We experienced challenges, hardships and the many struggles growing up as Black, young women in an impoverished community.  Despite these obstacles, our lives advanced with careers, relationships, marriage, and children, including Kathryn who is the daughter of Jaronda. 


Believing knowledge is power, we furthered our education and obtained graduate degrees. Jaronda was the first to obtain her Master of Social Work degree and encouraged Elisa and Taronda to pursue theirs. Kathryn went on to graduate with her Master of Social Work soon after. Struggling to raise children while working full-time, we eventually obtained our license in clinical social work. 


During one of our many discussions about the current climate of the world, MOCHA Therapy was formed. The combination of our education and experiences have allowed us to provide the best platform to help those ready to make a change. Being raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, we were exposed to an array of experiences, yet we are still standing and willing to give back to the communities that molded us into the women we are today. We are passionate about ending the stigma of mental health in BIPOC communities and are dedicated to... 

Mindful, Open Conversations for Healing Awareness